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  • Kevin

    who had several external thrombrosed hemmorhoids. I had to take 3 days off of work because the pain became so immense that I could not function. Nothing was working. For an entire week I tried everything! I found this Natural ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids and took a chance on it. Within 3 days of using it the pain completely went away and now 4 weeks later ALL of my hemmorhoids are COMPLETELY GONE! I still use it every day just to make sure they stay gone! This product saved my butt and it will save yours too!! Try it! *
  • David L.

    When I ordered this I had months of hemorrhoids that were almost unbearable. I tried presc**tion meds and got baths and everything else they said. This has helped it become more of an annoyance than a pain in my a$$!
    after 2 days of using its GONE
  • Janet

    So I've had hemorrhoids for about 4 years now, sometimes painful sometimes the pain would go away. And because of that I had like a permanent external hemorrhoids, so recently it started getting worse and when I bought this Natural ointment, I was just desperate. Within 3 days of using it the new ones had disappeared! Now I'm almost a week plus in to using it and the old ones are disappearing. I'm extremely excited because it really bothered me. I had to be extremely careful to clean my behind well because with all that around there, I just felt I wasn't getting cleaned up well. Sorry TMI but just wanted to share that with anyone who's still unsure.